Deadline for MGJ Award applications only days aways.

Written by: Patrick Yim

If you haven’t heard, the Marguerite Garden Jones Award applications are due in less than a week on December 1, 2018. The purpose of this award is to assist a member of Zeta Phi Eta with projects and studies. It may be awarded to one member each year who fulfills the requirements. If you are interested in applying, follow the simple steps listed below which have been taken from the scholarship section of the website. Remember, all pieces of the application are due by Saturday, December 1!

Scholarship Criteria:
– Active member of Zeta Phi Eta for a minimum of one year (dues paid).
– Funds from award must be used for academic course-work, a project (academic community service, or personal),    and/or career development that fall within the scope of Communication Arts and Sciences.
– Fulfillment of all application guidelines and deadlines.

Please list the following information:
– Name, Address, Telephone, Fax, E-mail.

If you currently reside at a campus or temporary address, please list permanent address and phone number also.

Zeta Phi Eta Membership Information. Minimum one-year Zeta membership required to apply; national dues must be also be paid. Please list the following: a. Chapter of initiation; b. Year of initiation; c. Current chapter; d. Current status (choose one): Campus Chapter Member, Professional Chapter Member, Member-at-Large.
Student Status. a. If you are presently a student, what is your classification? (Undergraduate year, Master’s, Doctoral, Other); b. Please provide certified transcripts when applying for scholarship to pursue academic study; c. If applicable, please specify field of graduate study you plan to pursue. Award You Are Applying For (choose one)

There are no predetermined award amounts given each year, so applicants are encouraged to be as specific as possible. The Foundation will determine the amount of award given based on the financial state of the Foundation, the merits of the project, and the applicant’s adherence to the requirements set forth in these guidelines. Therefore, award amounts may be adjusted accordingly;

Marguerite Garden Jones Memorial Award- MUST BE POSTMARKED BY December 1, 2018.

(Note: This award is not limited to the pursuit of a degree (course work), and may be used for a self-designed project.) Requested amount: $__________

Activities/Honors- List briefly: a. Work for Zeta Phi Eta; b. Extracurricular activities; c. Offices, honors, awards; d. Hobbies and community service.

Essay. State why you are applying for funds in 500 words or less. If applying for the Marguerite Garden Jones award, give details of the project you wish to accomplish.

References. Ask two people to send letters of reference on your behalf directly to the Foundation. Please note the following: a. At least one reference must be from a member of Zeta Phi Eta (the other can be from any other person familiar with your work); b. Voting Members of National Council may not submit a reference on your behalf.