National Council

Zeta Phi Eta, National Council Roles

National Council is the administrative body of the Fraternity, it is composed of the following duly elected officers: President; First Vice President; Second Vice President; Secretary; Treasurer; Cameo Editor. The Chairman of the Advisory Board is also a member.

ELECTION. All National Council officers shall be elected by ballot at National Convention for a term to last through the next convention, or until such time as their successors are elected and duly sworn. All officers shall assume office immediately at the conclusion of the convention.

Please contact our National President, Blair at for more information.
NATIONAL PRESIDENT. The National President shall be the chief executive officer of the Fraternity; shall preside at all meetings of National Council; shall preside at National Conventions; shall vote in case of a tie; shall appoint committees herein named and also appoint those not otherwise provided for; shall administer the oath to such national officers as are present (a documentary oath shall be sent to those not present to be signed and returned to newly elected National President); shall install new chapters when possible, or appoint a designate to act as representative of the President at the service; shall sign all charters; shall co-sign and/or designate a representative to co-sign all checks, vouchers, and orders of the Fraternity; shall cooperate with the Treasurer in establishing the annual budget; shall approve the copy of the Cameo of Zeta Phi Eta; shall sign Certificates for Distinguished Service Award; shall issue calls for interim meetings and National Conventions; and shall use the power of this office to maintain and advance the standards of ZETA PHI ETA.

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT. The First Vice President shall have the authority of the President in case that officer is unable to preside over formal meetings of National Council; shall be in general charge of extension; shall make regular reports to the President on all progress; shall make all arrangements for ceremony at installation of campus chapters; shall, in cooperation with the Second Vice President, prepare and conduct professional workshops at Convention; shall have jurisdiction over all campus chapters; shall correspond with chapter officers and their advisor; shall make or arrange for chapter visits, as required; shall send information on campus chapter activities to the Cameo Editor; shall organize campus chapter workshops at Convention in cooperation with chapter delegates; shall approve chapter orientation plans and edit the campus chapter portions of the Member Handbook and the Leadership Guide, as necessary.

SECOND VICE PRESIDENT. The Second Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of both the President and First Vice President; shall have jurisdiction over all professional chapters and members-at- large; shall send changes of names and addresses of professional membership to Central Office; shall foster and promote all professional projects and activities in the name of ZETA PHI ETA through correspondence with the professional membership; shall send newsworthy items to the Cameo Editor; shall organize professional chapter workshops at Convention in cooperation with the First Vice President; shall edit the professional membership portions of the Member Handbook and the Leadership Guide as necessary; shall make or arrange for professional chapter visits, as required; and shall encourage the formation of professional chapters among the members-at-large.

SECRETARY. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and shall send copies of the minutes to the President for approval and distribution to each member of National Council and all chapters within six (6) weeks of the meeting date; and shall attend to the appropriate correspondence of the Fraternity.

TREASURER. The Treasurer with the cooperation of the President shall establish the annual budget; shall co-sign with the President, if so designated, all checks, vouchers, and orders; shall receive a duplicate copy of all checks written by the Executive Director; and shall serve as Chairman of the Finance Committee. In the absence of an Executive Director, the Treasurer shall assume all duties of the Executive Director in regard to management of funds as enumerated in Article IV, Section 1.

CAMEO EDITOR. The Cameo Editor shall edit and supervise the production, on time and within the budget, of the official publication of the Fraternity, the Cameo of Zeta Phi Eta; shall solicit news and feature articles from the membership of the Fraternity; and shall report to the President on the progress and content of each issue.

CHAIRMAN OF THE ADVISORY BOARD. The Chairman of the Advisory Board shall be the immediate past National President, who shall assume these duties at the conclusion of his/her term of office. Should the immediate past National President be unable to serve as Chairman of the Advisory Board, or not have met the qualification of having served a full term as National President, National Council shall determine whether said officer or another past National Council officer who has served a full term shall receive the appointment. Any such appointment shall be made by National Council. The Chairman of the Advisory Board shall, together with the two other members of the Advisory Board, advise and assist National Council.


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. National Council shall appoint an Executive Director whose term of office shall be at the discretion of National Council, at an annual fee agreed upon by the Council.
The Executive Director shall manage a Central Office for the Fraternity; shall have charge of all national funds; shall receive and deposit all monies; shall issue co-signed checks in payment of all approved bills; shall keep an accurate record of monies received and disbursed; shall receive quarterly financial reports from all campus chapters; shall send a financial report to National Council monthly; and shall prepare for an audit of all financial records biennially.
The Executive Director shall be bonded with a fiduciary bond at an amount agreed upon by National Council; shall file the annual Income Tax Exemption Report with the Collector of Internal Revenue; shall see that the annual Incorporation Report is filed with the Illinois Secretary of State; and shall send an annual report to the Internal Revenue Service.
The Executive Director shall be the keeper of the seal and issue chapter charters; shall issue membership cards, signed by the President; shall maintain an accurate directory of all campus, professional, and honorary members and shall prepare the copy for a printed directory at the request of National Council; shall maintain all Zeta Phi Eta forms and records; shall receive and place orders for all official jewelry; and shall handle other appropriate duties as requested by National Council.

HISTORIAN. The President shall appoint a Historian to serve from one convention through the next. The Historian shall keep the compiled history of the founding and development of ZETA PHI ETA up-to-date at all times.

Other appointed positions include: FOUNDATION EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR & WEBMASTER

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